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Venue:Melbourne High School, Sth Yarra

Night:Wednesday (starting 2016)

Who:Groups, Trios, Couples, Individuals - email for more details on how to register or to be placed in a team.

Welcome to Fast5 netball. This is NOT the same game as the traditional netball played with 7 players on the court and 12 players within that team. This game was developed in 2008 at the International level specifically to create a more visually interesting game to watch that also increased the ‘flow-of-the-ball’. Rules in 2008 were changed in 2013. While we are currently enquiring into the correct court layout with netball court hirers, we will expose you to the World Series Fast5 Netball in New Zealand in November 2014. Our Australian Fast5 team is called “The Flyers’ and have not yet reached higher than 3rd in the global ranking of the game. To date the countries that appear most successful are New Zealand and England.

This game is structured very differently including:

  • 3 different areas to shoot for goals
  • 10 players in one team
  • 5 players on the court at any one time
  • Substituting players at any time without stopping the game
  • Each team selects a ‘Power Play’ quarter which doubles the teams points/goals value
  • Umpire calls are designed to NEVER stop the game unless players can’t avoid breaking the 2 major rules of Contact and Obstruction
  • No equal access to the centre pass
  • And much more…
  • Want to learn moreCheck out this video showing the Fast5 Shooting zones  and this video for Fast5 rules

Current Melbourne Netball 2015 Fast5 Rules

  • 30 minute games – 4 x 7 min quarters (1minute half break)
  • 5 players on court at one time ( GS/GA/C/GD/GK) with a minimum of 6 players to start the game.  
  • 1 point for scoring within the goal circle/ 2 points for inner goal circle/3 points from outside goal circle.
  • Unlimited players substitutions can be made from the designated substitution area – without interfering with umpire or play.
  • Non-scoring team will have the next centre pass.  
  • Teams choose their power play quarters at the beginning of the game. 
  • The quarter where power play is chosen double points will be rewarded for goals scored. Teamsneed to have different quarters selected.  
  • Mixed Teams can have a maximim of 3 males or minimum of 2 on the court at one time, spread across each third of the court e.g. C and GS / GD
    and C / GA and GK OR GS, C and GD.   
  • Teams must provide their own ball to start the game.
  • The 6th players will be responsible for scoring using our new Fast5 scoresheet.  
  • NOTE; we will only be offering Fast5 at our South Yarra Venue on a Wednesday night for our first trial season starting Wednesday 7th October
    applications close Friday 2nd October. 
  • Stayed tuned for other competitions over time.  

Please Follow the Steps for the paypal payment. 

  1. Obtain all the Date-of-birth/email/mobile of each player BEFORE you start this process
  2. Use the Pay-pal button below to pay FIRST and then complete your registration form.  
  3. Choose the Amount:
  4. Downoad or take a screenshot of your PAYPAL RECEIPT so that you can upload to the registration form, once completed you are automatically redirected back to our website to complete the registration form. (this form is only available after payment)
  5. Upload the Online receipt to the Team Registration Form and hit submit.

Season Details for Teams:

Team Registration & Insurance Fee is combined:

$210.00 per team paid (with the complete season of game payments) and the receipt is to be uploaded with the application form.

Weekly Game Cost: $60.00 online payments via our website ONLY (No Cash)

  • Umpire Fee paid each week in cash only $20.00 per game (preferably by notes)
  • Forfeit fees are incurred if games are cancelled $150.00 ($90 difference option available to pay)
  • Netball Ball & Bibs: All teams must own their own netball and set of bibs (you can buy a set from us at the time of registration)
  • Game Times: 30 minutes. All teams must be available to play all time slots at set venues

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Final Details

First Game Round: All teams are required to sign and fill in their season 'Team Player Registration' sheet BEFORE taking the court. No insurance cover is active until this process is completed.