Final Details

Final details

If any unregistered players takes the court in finals, the team is suspended for six months
NB:This banning rule was created due to discovering teams deliberately placing players in their game that did not belong in their team into a finals match.

Do you pay for finals? YES as you don’t win finals as a prize ….same running costs per usual

Are Finals Different? YES

Who Qualifies? A player who has played 2 or more games. BYES are not included. Forfeits in your favour and washouts both count as registered. Team sign on sheets that show who qualifies are stored at each venue only.

On arrival : Pay online via the teams page and present your receipt to the coordinator.

Before taking the court : Umpires will check that your team have registered players.

Captains must pay umpires their game fee $20.00.

Announcement : Umpires will read an announcment on behalf of the company management about what must occur while teams are playing in Finals.

What is expected from players? That you play and not get distracted attempting to assess umpire decisions. You will be inaccurate. You will become frustrated. Across 22 years over 90% of teams that follow this pattern result in losing their game.

These type of players are not focused on playing.They are not experienced in the study of interpretation of the rulebook off the court. The rule book is not black and white. It is designed for interpretation to playing levels of teams, to enable a game to flow.

NB:If umpiring were SO easy to be able to do it accurately on the courtwhile playing
then the game would NOT require umpires off the court, especially two umpires.

During Play : A reminder that players need to focus on simply playing and leave the umpiring up to the umpires. They have studied the rule book. They understand how to enable a game to flow correctly while considering other needed aspects to individual games including all ‘duty-of-care’ rules.

Half Time : Umpires do not approach either team. Team Captains are allowed to approach umpires with questions on behalf of their team. Umpires are there to explain any of their decisions. They are not permitted to coach on any level during finals.

End of the match : We hope players would display great sportsmanship regardless of the result. We hope they don’t blame umpires because they lost a game of netball. We hope they shake hand with their opposition team. We hope both teams thanks the umpires for making thier game happen and their efforts involved in your social enjoyment. We hope you will celebrate as a team and be proud together that you made it to the finals. We hope you come back for another season with us.