Insurance for Injury and Claiming System

As of 2018 Player Insurance cover has changed. This is due to the never ending increases of fees that make our netball cover higher in fees. With the extremely low injury rate, our alterations now cover injuries for ‘permanent injuries and death only’.
This means that any injury incurred by a player that includes light to heavy injuries, that are affectively rehabilitated do NOT get covered within this structured policy.


The Personal Accident policy covers all registered members, coaches, umpires, referees and volunteers for death and permanent injuries.

Cover under this policy will be operative whilst a Covered Person is undertaking the following activities arranged by or under the auspices
of Melbourne Netball:
1. Playing or taking part in club, representative, state or national games or competitions
2. Attending a training or practice session
3. Administrative, social or fundraising activities of the Insured
4. Travelling to, from or between activities stated above and a Covered Person’s normal place of residence or employment.

Melbourne Netball recommend that you consider your own personal circumstances and if you need to take out additional insurance such as loss of income, life insurance and or private health insurance.

Any injuries incurred that commenced in 2017 remained covered under that specific policy. In the event that you need to start a claim please
In the event that your injury occurred during a season that started in 2018, your policy is covered in a different design. You are able to
make a claim ONLY if your injury becomes permanent. For further enquires please email: