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Netball Teams-Register Here

Get unplugged from you tech devices and get active with your mates! Netball is a great way to reconnect with friends away from social media as well as increasing your fitness and health in a friendly outdoor environment!

Payment Details for Teams:

1. Team Registration & Insurance Fee is combined and is $150 per season (permanent disability cover only)

2. Weekly Game Cost is $70.00 x number of fixtured rounds (excludes finals). Paid in full upon registration

3. Weekly Umpire is $20.00 per game. Paid in cash at game to umpire

Follow below to register a team:

    Pay the relevant fee to the bank details;

    Account Name: Melbourne Social Netball
    BSB: 303 432
    Account Number: 0688479

    Email your receipt to include your team name/venue/night and fill out the application below;

    Team Application Form

    Playing Times

    All teams must be able to play ALL playing times. To find ‘fill-in-players’ at short notice please join us on FACEBOOK.

    Captains Declaration

    “I understand and agree to the Hard Copy Receipt Payment System. This system requires all our team members to be fully responsible to bringing a Hard Copy Receipt of the game payments and rego to provide on the first night of playing to the nightly coordinator at the venue. I, on behalf of my team, understand that failure to comply will result in an immediate forfeit incurring $150.00 forfeit fine. Melbourne Netball will send our team home.I will communicate this to all my team before we commence the season.

    I act as Captain for this team and understand that I am responsible for communicating information from Melbourne Netball to every netball player in my team throughout the season. In particular, I will ensure that we ALL communicate throughout the entire season.

    I will supply the company bi-laws to each one of my players and ensure that each player has read them BEFORE their first game. I will inform each player that they must sign the’ Player Registration Sheet’ to officially register themselves with Melbourne Netball, on their first playing game. I will continue this commitment with any new players taking the court with my team during the season. I understand that NO insurance is active until this procedure is completed.

    I will inform Melbourne Netball directly via email only, if the role of Captain transfers from myself to another player in my team. I agree that my team must be able to play ALL game times during our season.”

    Captains Contract

    I have read the

    By-Laws By-Laws (42 KB)

    I understand and agree to report ALL INJURIES ON THE NIGHT OF PLAY and not after the night of play.
    I understand and accept that netball IS A CONTACT SPORT and injuries may occur.Having read the ‘Bi-Laws’ of Melbourne Netball,  I accept the responsibility of being a captain and hereby undertake to:

    1. Download from Melbourne Netball’s website, the Bi Laws sheets and distribute sheets to each player of my team prior to the first game my team plays for the season.


    2. Ensure that each new player of my team signs the Team Registration Sheet at the venue of play BEFORE TAKING THE COURT.

    3. Communicate the Insurance Procedure of any injury or claim, to each member of my team, at the start of the season, and to any new player during the season.

    4. Use my best endeavours to ensure that every member (permanent or fill-in) of my team has read and understood a copy of the Bi-Laws.

    5. Advise Melbourne Netball when a new, fill-in or inexperienced player will play for my team and when I am not able to supply such a player with a copy of the sheets.

    6. Provide Melbourne Netball with details of an email address by which my team can be contacted. I will regularly check this email on behalf of my team for emails from Melbourne Netball, and will notify my team of the content of any such emails from Melbourne Netball as is required or necessary.

    7. Fill in your weekly TEAM REGISTRATION SHEET at the courts on each night of play. I understand and accept that if we as a team of 7 players or more fail to sign on to this nightly team registration form, it will not cover any of our players taking the court that night for any insurance cover. I also understand that no player on that night will qualify for finals on this game.
    8. Having read the bylaws I understand that players can be immediately suspended in the event that they break any of these bylaws. I understand that this suspension period can be an unspecified time frame.