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New QWIK5 Netball

Venue:Ryan's Reserve,Richmond

Night:Thursday starting 19th April 2018

Who:Experienced Mixed Teams - email for more details on how to register

Melbourne Netball is introducing a brand NEW UNIQUE MIXED netball game called QWIK5 Netball.

(This game is NOT Fast 5 Netball and very different.) It has new developments never before tried in any netball playing history. It’s designed to introduce a more challenging alternative to the traditional MIXED netball game, and can only be played under the MSN branding. (MSN owns it. No other netball business or association is permitted to reproduce a privately owned product.)

Standout changes allow the Centre to shoot for goals, offers complete changes to ratio and playing positions to the traditional netball, different scoring spaces and different scoring amounts when shooting.

Melbourne Netball QWIK5 Rules: 

  • Positions played are: GS/GA/C/GD/GK
  • Any combination of sexes can play on the court within the 5 positions. EG: 4 males & 1 female are allowed. 4 females & 1 male are allowed.
  • Any player can play anywhere without limitation to their sex. EG: 2 males can play in the same third – GA/GS OR GD/GK is allowed.
  • Teams must have a combination of both sexes in the team at all times. EG: No combinations of 5 males or 5 females are allowed.
  • Teams must have a full team of 5 players on the court at all times, unless injury or discipline rules are in play. (See further below for more)
  • No game can commence without a full team of 5 players. Forfeit rules apply within 10 minutes.
  • The team can have as many players in total across the game. Position changes occur at the end of each quarter only. No rolling subs are
    permitted. MUST be recorded on the ‘Registration Sheet”
  • Teams are responsible for sharing the scoring using the Q5 scoresheet.
  • The game is 4 x 7 minute quarters with a 2-minute break at the end of each quarter.
  • In the event that a player is removed from the court via injury or discipline rules, play DOES continue with 4 players, however the Centre
    position must be filled. The returning player can ONLY fill the vacant position until the end of the playing quarter.
  • New scoring areas and new scoring positions with 3 players occur. See further below.
  • Any player contesting/challenging any umpire calls during the game will carry a new penalty: ‘Advanced penalty to shoot for goal, taken by any ‘shooting’ player, (including Centre player) in the place of their choice anywhere within their goal third.’

Game Scoring Rules

Two scoring areas with three different ways to score:

  • GA & GS score 1 point shooting from anywhere inside the traditional goal circle
  • GA & GS score 4 points shooting from anywhere in their own goal third outside of the goal circle.
  • C player CAN shoot within the goal third (NOT inside the goal circle) scoring 10 points
  • Centre passes are awarded to the team that failed to score the previous goal/s.

All remaining traditional netball rules apply as usual across the game.

Melbourne Netball Bylaws – Player Responsibilities

The following are requirements for playing QWICK5 Netball with Melbourne Netball. These are in additional to the rules specified.

  • Control your temper, your game and ensure the team strategize.
  • Late – late start will cost 6 points per min up to the 10th minute where a forfeit will be declared.
  • Uniform – 1 point per t-shirt uniform infringement
  • Teams provide their own netball bib set.

Non-completion of the sign on sheet PRIOR to the game and an accident report ON THE NIGHT results in any insurance cover and/or insurance claims being void.

Ruling Umpires

Umpires can be approached at the end of any quarter by the ‘captain only’ for a brief clarification of rule decisions. At no stage can the entire team approach an umpire for decisions of rules. Due to players being highly experienced and educated in the current rules – umpire decisions are final with no debate. Coordinators can be approached in times where further discussion is requested.

Injury or Illness

When a player is injured, they MUST request ‘TIME’ to enable their removable safely from the court. Play continues BUT the Centre position MUST BE FILLED as a priority to keep the game in play. An injured or ill player shall leave the Court and has 30 seconds. (Except in the case of serious injury – Melbourne netball staff will direct as required) The injured or ill player may be substituted or the position may be left vacant, excluding the immediate requirement to fill the Centre position.

Scoring requirements

It remains the sole responsibility for both teams to score their games. At no stage are Umpires permitted to score. Umpires remain only responsible for the final game tally whilst captains sign off.

Start of Play

 The game would remain a challenge for beginners but they are welcome to experience the game. The speed of the game requires
fit players that understand the basic netball rules and how to strategize to maximize points scored.  

  • 1.First centre pass is identified via umpires’ supervision.
  • Winner begins with first centre and chooses a starting end.
  • 2.Other Centre passes: the last NON-scoring team shall take every additional centre pass after a goal is scored.

3.The last non-scoring team shall take the initial Centre Pass at the start of each quarter.

Finals Structure

Who Qualifies: All players MUST have played no less than 2 games AND it be written clearly on the ‘Player Registration
Sheet’ to play in Finals. 

Extra Time: Extra Time is only applicable for games played in Finals. Procedure for Extra Time when a winner is required
and scores are tied at the end of the fourth quarter:  

1.Play shall stop and players remain in position on Court (no change of ends);

2.The Captains shall toss for the next Centre Pass;

3.Play shall recommence for a period of one (1) minute. If at the end of this period, one team is leading, this team shall be declared the

4.If the scores are tied at the end of this period, play shall continue until one team scores a goal;

Each game needs to have a game payment and umpire payment paid. There may be times a team has a game credit Melbourne Netball admin will advise
if this is the case when sending the finals email to the team captains the FRIDAY before the game. Alternatively captains can email to
request if their team has any credits. Fixture details will also be available as per our MSN App in the Fixtures area.

Final Game 1: Team 1 vs 4 – winner progresses DIRECTLY to Grand Final

Final Game 2: Team 2 vs 3 – winner progresses DIRECTLY to Grand FinalGrand final: Winner of Final 1 vs. Winner of Final 2

(Note: Finals may be played over 1 or 2 weeks)

NB: There must be a rewarded advantage for earning number one place on the ladder.

Forfeit and fees applicable:The following teams will be subject to the $150 forfeit fee; payments are completed via our website
forfeit 1 = $100 difference (total $150) and forfeit 2 = additional $150 (total $250). Team captains will be emailed to confirm the process
and the receipt of payment will need to be shown to the evening coordinator at the venue the following week to be able to take the court.

1.Any team that does not take the court with 5 players after the 10th minute will forfeit the game.

2.Any team that notifies Melbourne Netball via text on 0419887719 or the Melbourne Netball Facebook page. that the team is unable to take the court.

Other purchases for bibs, ball and game fees for the season: Melbourne Netball now has Netball Bibs and an Elite Grip
Ball available for sale. Please purchase with season payment below and email a copy of the receipt to so that they can organise for your new equipment to be available at your venue of play.

NB: MSN reserves the right to adjust, change or alter any current game structures across the playing season to enhance the game. All player
feedback will be received as a priority and immediate consideration to implement these requests could occur within the next scheduled game.

Please Follow the Steps for the paypal payment.

  1. Obtain all the Date-of-birth/email/mobile of each player BEFORE you start this process
  2. Use the Pay-pal button below to pay FIRST and then complete your registration form.
  3. Choose the Amount:
  4. Downoad or take a screenshot of your PAYPAL RECEIPT so that you can upload to the registration form, once completed you are automatically redirected back to our website to complete the registration form. (this form is only available after payment)
  5. Upload the Online receipt to the Team Registration Form and hit submit.

Season Details for Teams:

Team Registration & Insurance Fee is combined:

$150.00 per team paid (with the complete season of game payments) and the receipt is to be uploaded with the application form.

NOTE: This fee has been waived for trial season.

Weekly Game Cost: $50.00 online payments via our website ONLY (No Cash)

  • Umpire Fee paid each week in cash only $20.00 per game (preferably by notes)
  • Forfeit fees are incurred if games are cancelled $150.00 ($100 difference option available to pay)
  • Netball Ball & Bibs: All teams must own their own netball and set of bibs (you can buy a set from us at the time of registration)
  • Game Times: 40 minutes. All teams must be available to play all time slots at set venues

Click Here For Uniforms

Click Here For Insurance

Click Here For Weather Procedure

First Game Round: All teams are required to sign and fill in their season ‘Team Player Registration’ sheet BEFORE taking the court. No insurance cover is active until this process is completed.