Testimonials – Play Netball with MSN

David Pringle

Meerkin & Apel Lawyers

“I have no hesitation in recommending Melbourne Netball Pty Ltd from both a professional and a player’s perspective. After playing socially with Melbourne Netball since 1997, my law firm, Meerkin & Apel Lawyers, was engaged as the company’s corporate lawyers.

We have assisted Melbourne Netball in various legal areas, including most importantly advising Melbourne Netball with regard to player safety. I am impressed with the commitment of Melbourne Netball in its concern for fair procedures for players and safety issues for both staff and players. In my experience in playing for many different netball organisations, Melbourne Netball stands out as a professionally run organisation. I am happy to say that Melbourne Netball has at the very heart of its culture the desire to provide for a safe, fun-filled and competitive sporting experience.”


Erin Fox


I have played netball for 15 years both at a representative and state league level. I now play for fun 3 nights a week including Melbourne Netball on a Wednesday night. In all of my years coaching association teams, playing at a state league level and umpiring myself I am impressed by the standard of umpiring Melbourne Netball produce.

It is time that the sport Netball evolved from a non-contact sport into a sport where both defence and attack can contest the ball without constantly being pulled for contact. As a defender, netball can be a frustrating game at times especially when you have ‘old school’ umpires who do not let you have a fair contest without being called for contact. It is a refreshing change to hear your umpires telling players that netball is a contact sport and a fair contest will be allowed as long as one player is not put at a disadvantage.

Your umpires new approach to the game is a credit to your organisation and in all of my netball experience, your competition is the only competition I have played in, where the umpires have evolved their skills and embraced a modern standard of umpiring.

Please pass my appreciation onto all your umpires.


Fiona O’Halloran

Blake Dawson
International Lawyers

“It is such a pleasure to endorse Melbourne Netball. I am the Captain of a team called ‘The Unblakeables’. Having experienced Clare Heasly running an old competition fourteen years ago in St. Kilda, my team happily followed her new adventure with her own company. I have been Captain of my corporate netball team over for ten years and we only play with Melbourne Netball. My ever changing team of corporate professionals have played over 30 seasons of netball with this company.

My team has constantly enjoyed the many levels of professional services that this netball company offers clients. The administration proves to be constantly organized, and access to a website to obtain fixtures, ladders and finding ‘fill in’ players at short notice, has saved me many times during a busy working day.

This company focus’ on maintaining a great social environment for teams to play, while arranging great venues and sponsorship prizes for the games. Most of all, we really enjoy the consistency of two umpires on a court, and quality decision making for our games. I encourage any corporate social group to embrace Melbourne Netball and get physical and enjoy the environment.”


Brent Stone


I’ve played netball with Melbourne Netball for almost 10 years and in that time also played in many other social competitions. I can say without a doubt, that the level of organisation, quality of umpiring and friendly social character of Melbourne Netball is far better than any other social competitions I’ve played in.

Melbourne Netball provides the opportunity and support to improve as a player through good umpiring and friendly competition. The umpires and coordinators are experienced, approachable, friendly and helpful. These characteristics promote healthy competition rather than aggressive ‘win at all costs’ behaviour that I’ve experienced elsewhere.At Melbourne Netball, your rivals can become your team mates and your team mates can become great friends.

I even met my wife playing at Melbourne Netball.


Robert Densier


Hey I’m really happy with my results in this netball company. I came to meet the girls…no joke lol !!! These netball girls are all relaxed and outgoing people and loads of fun. It’s great to be able to have a chat and a laugh around netball, with less social pressure….hey ‘no wing man’ lol. So surprisingly my results are just as good on the court as they are off the court LOL …Just kidding. It’s worth joining guys. Sign up sign up sign up.


Rachael Smith


I suggest to all netball players to stick with Melbourne Social Netball simply because when you play netball they care about you when you ever get injuries. I was recently at another Richmond Comp and they were shocking and they didn’t have insurance and now I know why. Duty of care is so important and this team have got it right. I really want to say a special thanks to Clare Heasly the owner for her efforts in making sure I was really taken care of.


Holly Banksian


Our team moved to Melbourne Netball for one reason only. It is safer on their courts than anywhere else we have played. It was suggested from my own friend who was already playing at one of their venues. We have played at 5 different competitions across 7 years. As a team we felt that even though we understand that netball is a contact sport, there was no real education to define the physical boundaries of this to most players. We have even seen umpires and players get into problems at these other competitions including it getting physical.

Melbourne Netball really have this area completely sorted. They are incredibly consistant at it and I never feel unsafe on a court. Their team of umpires are modern and strong, with a manner that is really tolerant and pleasant even when they remove players from a court for good reason. We will never go into other competitions now. They just don’t cut it.


Jacinta Thomas


I have played with my netball team for 8 years around Melbourne. This is around 3 to 4 nights a week across a year. My team really love the way things are done in Melbourne Netball. They handle problem players so well it makes the environment so much nicer to actually enjoy the sport. We never really noticed this part until we joined Melbourne Netball. Since we joined we eventually left 3 permanent competitions and now play 3 nights a week in 3 different venues.

This company has large numbers of teams so you can get the best umpiring while changing nights and getting a really big variety of competition. We love this part. Some nights we’re good and others we are really challenged in the games because there are harder teams to compete against.


Brian McAlister


All my team are really happy with the Melbourne Netball umpiring. This part can make or break a game for players. They are really consistant and friendly. They are also really fair and don’t put up with any bad behaviour from players …and I do mean ANY!!! The way they also organise stuff is really a top notch effort. They are really slick at what they do but I guess you expect it when the company is over 10 years old.

We came here to play because all our other friends kept laughing on the weekends about how much crap we had to put up with in the other 2 competitions we were playing in. There was always something not working well enough. In our opinion, all the other competitions around Melbourne are very average once you experience Melbourne Netball. You wont regret it.




Melbourne Netball stands out in the Victorian Netball scene as one of the most rewarding and enriching competitions for umpires. Melbourne Netball is devoid of the typical animosity between players and umpires. Instead they unite in a warm environment where both can leave the court satisfied and content.

One of Melbourne Netball’s strongest attributes is the thorough training umpires undergo in order to maintain a proficient knowledge of the sport.This training provides a strong practical foundation for making sound judgements on court and interacting with players in a calm and affable manner. Furthermore, Melbourne Netball’s unique training solidifies the entire umpiring team which enables umpires to facilitate the game with greater confidence and support.

It is the pleasant nature of the players, the enthusiasm shown by my fellow umpires and the support I receive from the administration staff that keeps me coming back to Melbourne Netball.


Justine Belformy

Team Requested Player

I joined Melbourne Netball as a single player. I wanted to find a healthier social life cos I was seriously blowing my cash on the weekends. I was wrapped at how quickly I was put into a team. I didn’t even know the girls that called me and I was a bit nervous that I wasn’t going to be that good on the court but I was so surprised.

They were so friendly and welcomed me to their group. I’ve played with this team now for 5 seasons and I even go jogging with 2 of them every weekend now. This is a big change for me. I love Melbourne Netball because they are really professional and really care about how you experience netball. Now I live a healthier lifestyle and I’ve even got some spare dollars in my pocket.


Sarah Webb


It is so easy to meet my team each week because Melbourne Netball have got such an organised system that is way above the average other local netball competitions that are around town. I can organise payments and games well in advance as well as find a player at short notice.

These umpires are the best in Melbourne hands down. We’ve played at other competitions with other umpires and they simply don’t come close to what these umpires do. The level of training these umpires are put through is amazing. It’s above the normal level and you can really tell. They don’t just take on anyone like most local competitions seem to do. More brilliant than that is the actual feel of the company. It’s a big community. It’s hip and fun and I’ve meet so many new people that I have played in a new team across the last two season with players I only meet in Melbourne Netball. I can really recommend Melbourne Netball. Good one guys.


Andrea Hawkins


“I came to Melbourne from Perth in 2001 but really wanted to play netball somewhere. I searched the internet for a great netball competition. I found quite a few and decided to try most of them across different nights. I am happy to recommend Melbourne Netball, as it was not only simple to find teams that let me play and then join, but everyone was so friendly and professional. They help you with your skills and their umpires actually run instead of walk on the side of the court and they smile and laugh with you. After playing four other competitions, I now choose to play only with Melbourne Netball.”


Andrew Dal Pozzo


I’ll admit for years, I subscribed to the popular belief that Netball was ‘soft’…a sport for “Girls”. But after a season in the fold I revoke those naive perceptions. Netball is a game that requires elite stamina, balance, poise,and a knack for knowing where to place yourself. It can be so frustrating when you are pulled up for yet another stepping rule that you swear wasn’t there, or when you watch your opponent shoot freely as you stand behind them, punished for obstructing their shot by infringing a distance you are never quite sure 100% sure of, but the exhilaration is second to none when you leap higher than your opponent, catch the ball in a single action, land gracefully on one foot, and get a quick pass through to your teams’ shooter – even if your opponent is a female and two feet shorter than you. It may have taken the ‘Mies Van Der Hoes’ team a while to get a grip of the Mixed Netball, but we were all good friends learning together and we made sure that we were having fun the whole time, so when that first win came around after 8 rounds, it was so so sweet.


Eli Newstead


I have played netball in my own team across 12 years with Melbourne Netball. It isn’t hard to stay or to be loyal to them. They are simply heads-and-shoulders above any other local competitions that play in Melbourne. Did you know that every one on staff is highly qualified as umpires including the owner?

I have played a little bit in other competitions across the years as a fill-in player and the experience is of a much lower quality in all the areas of the game and administration.

I can also say that I have noticed more recently a newer competition that works at the same venue even trying to copy the patterns of Melbourne Netball and how they service the players and still they don’t come close. But it’s the best form of flattery isn’t it!!!

Simply put, this is a professional company that understands the psychology and dynamics involved in both male and female behaviour and the relationships between players and umpires. They have a system that cater on a far broader understanding of needs to people and a community within the netball sport. This level of intelligence is what I believe makes it so incredibly different. All my friends have loved the experience that Melbourne Netball has provided us across more than 30 netball seasons. We will stay and play until our legs wont let us. Well done to them!!


Michael Butlier


My mate and I wanted to meet girls. No jokes about it. Getting to know females these days is easier said than done. With less money than our mates to go to bars and drink and socialise, we decided to change our odds. Mixed netball is something that we thought would be a walk in the park but we were so wrong.

Luckily for us the girls we meet in our team taught us how to play properly. This wasn’t so much about learning to adapt to the movements even though that was challenging, but it was more about controlling our frustrations. Netball doesn’t look hard because from the outside looking in, you don’t see the players get stressed. But this is actually a skill that is learnt. In other sports we’ve played you could always challenge the umpire decisions. In this sport you can’t.

I’m not kidding when I say this but this has actually made us mature quite a bit as people. Can’t believe this netball experience came with this type of personal advantage. We really love it.


Rohan Hutchinson


Melbourne Netball is more than just another netball competition. I’ve been playing with Melbourne Netball constantly for around 7 years or more. In that time I’ve also played in other competitions around the Melbourne area, but have found that the umpiring and standard of games is not as good.

I’ve always enjoyed it as the umpiring is a good standard and I’ve also met a number of people from other teams that have a friendly and relaxed approach to the game week in, week out. The people running the competition each night also make the experience better as they get to know the players of each of the teams. This allows players to approach coordinators and staff easily and receive positive feedback in return. Overall it’s a well run and organised competition with plenty of locations across Melbourne to get involved.




I was umpiring at another club for about a year before I came to umpire for Melbourne Netball. This previous club became a nerve racking experience because players were abusive and the other umpirs on the whole were inconsistent and unsupportive. When I began umpiring with Melbourne Netball it was a completely different experience. This was a real team that not only supported each other with an amazing training program for all umpires but they have such a respect towards their own players. The players also display this same respect. Umpiring for me now is a pleasure to do as I can really enjoy this job role and now it’s been over 3 years.