Players choose their own uniforms. They must follow the criteria below:


  • You may choose one or more colours for the upper and lower body eg. green tops & black pants/skirts/shorts.
  • All team members must be in the same colour TOP to avoid giving a point per uniform infringement to the other team. (This is noted on the scoresheet by the umpire in the row dedicated to uniform infringements.)
  • Blue is an exception. Teams must choose their SHADE of blue eg. Royal/Light/Navy/Sky/Aqua/Pale.
  • All other colours do not require shade definition. This is to assist consistency from the umpire’s view point. Melbourne Netball does not need this information when registering just ensure you arrive at each game in the chosen colour.


All clothing must be sporting attire. They can be a combination of the following:

  • Shorts/pants/skirts/leggings = lower body
  • T-shirts/long sleeve shirts/windcheaters or singlets provided they are plain, functional body fitting singlets = upper body
  • 7 X Netball Bibs Note: Letters must be clearly readable from the side line.
  • Additionally Bibs can be hired for $20.00 per game or purchased for $70
  • Shoes must be an athletic sporting shoe


  • Ball
  • Netball gloves
  • Netball material tape
  • Glasses (perscription/sun)


  • Casual Shoes
  • Jewellery/exception: external body piercing must be taped down
  • Headwear and headbands
  • Sticky/masking tape
  • Cargo pants/jeans
  • No outside pockets on pants
  • Sportsband. eg fitbit.