Weather Procedures – Play Netball

Weather Procedures

Netball is an outdoor winter sport that is played in the rain and snow. It is not permitted to be played in any ‘close proximity’ lightning or ‘close proximity’ hail. This is a rule in the AANA rule book. All outdoor netball courts are designed with a one inch water run off.

All players are covered by insurance while playing in the rain as the insurance company accepts that it is an outdoor winter sport. Players are expected to adjust their playing speed when taking the court.

  • Weather in Melbourne has changed so dramatically over the last five years that we are able to play outdoors without much wet weather interference.
  • Melbourne Netball has a set procedure that each venue co-ordinator follows once at their venue. Even when it may rain all day long we DO NOT cancel a night of netball. The venue co-ordinator will call the captain of a time slot in the event that they believe the game needs to be cancelled. This refers to a particular time slot only and NEVER the remaining night.
  • We do NOT respond to phone enquiries during the day to see if games are cancelled
  • If a team fails to arrive at their venue assuming there is no game a FORFEIT fine of $150.00 is incurred by the team.
  • We encourage players to consider wearing long pants and sleeves in colder weather when they play netball.

Dry Weather

Melbourne Netball follows the Sports Medicine Australia Guidelines. See attachment below and read the Nightly netball Coordinator’s procedure for games that may be cancelled. Teams that fail to follow these guidelines may cause a FORFEIT for their team of $150.00

  • Coordinators will arrive at their venue and contact the ‘’ website 30 mins prior to the start time they will coordinate with Melbourne Netball Management. In the event at 6pm that the temperature is 36 degrees or OVER we will be cancelling the 6:20pm game only.
  • Melbourne Netball will post a cancellation post on our Facebook page and MN App at 6pm.¬†It will ask you to reply as a TEAM in one post only that you understand and acknowledge this cancellation. Your team¬†MUST post up the following: We have received our game time cancellation for ‘TEAM NAME PLACED HERE’. Then whichever team player sees this first can then sent it onwards to all team players.
  • No phone calls are returned to any players that call the company phone number as these decisions will occur via the coordinator at each venue. Coordinators will immediately call team captains if their game is cancelled.
  • At 6:45pm each coordinator will assess the temperature and IF the temperature remains OVER 36 degrees each coordinator will act on a game-by-game cancellation at this stage and notify the teams via a phone call.
  • In extremely hot weather we apply special conditions to the game structure. ALL players are offered to re-hydrate at the end of every quarter with fluids that they must bring to their game. Game Umpires need to witness this from all players in all teams each game.
  • NO hats or sun-visors are permitted or covered by insurance. This is due to the rim of a hat being able to protrude into a player’s eyes and cause extensive damage.
  • Sunglasses ARE permitted to be worn