It’s exciting to make the finals! We keep it simple and fair.

What you need to know:

Player Qualification: All players taking the court need to have played 2 or more rounds with the team. This is all recorded on your weekly Team Registration Sheet. It includes any washouts as well as forfeits your team had but didn’t cause. It excludes byes and forfeits against your team.

Finals Matches: These are the same game and umpire fees as the fixture rounds.

Team Captains: Transfer game payment prior to game and show to night coordinator

Finals Structure:

Semi Final Teams: 1 v 4 + 2 v 3
Grand Final Teams: Winner of 1 v 4 plays Winner of 2 v 3

Players are required to take part with a sportsmanlike manner that is part of the netball game.  Umpires will apply any needed discipline rules as required.

Finals Netball
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